Freitag, 27. Juni 2014


On Wednesday the day has finally arrived, my first and my last Prom, here in Canada. The entire year girls would have talked about what dress they are going to wear or what they would do with their hair. I was really looking forward to prom but on the other hand I was was afraid as well, because I knew when the day of  prom was over, there would be exactly 8 days left until I leave Nova Scotia, my family and friends, my whole new life. And now the day is here and I really don't know what to think about that.

Lets talk about Prom though, since it is a really big deal in Canada and the States.
You get up in the morning and do your hair, make-up, nails etc. Zeynep and I needed 4!! hours to get ready and Isabelle and DaBin even longer, because they  had appointments in town haha. Around 4 our prom dates came over  and the boy would give you a flower bracelet and girl has to give the boy  a Boutonniere, that gets pinned on his suit.
Afterward we met at one place with other prom couples to take pictures together. Around 7 o'clock we were supposed to meet at the school, where the prom actually took place. Before though, everyone gathered at one place to get ready for the parade. The parade means, that everyone would come in a fancy car  and then drive slowly to the school. They even closed the streets for that. Mads (Thank you again, you did a great job with that !) rented an old-timer (ford 1955),and the owner of the car drove us to the school. people came in the funniest and coolest cars, from old timers to fire trucks or fancy sport car. There, people from the fire brigade opened the door of your car  and you walk with your prom date to the school.
last but not least the prom march took place. All prom couples walked down to the amphitheater, where all parents and friends waited to watch. unfortunately it started to rain, but I think everyone dealt good with the situation.

It was definitely one of the best experience I had during my exchange and I would like to thank my amazing host family, friends and prom date, who made this day as special as it has been.

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