Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

Halifax field trip

well, there is some stuff i gotta catch up from the past week. school is kinda stressful and now that the weather is getting good i didn't find that much time to write bout my lately activities. Anyways now I do:) On Wednesday, i believe it was, we did a field trip to Halifax downtown. We watched the musical of Marry Poppins, which was pretty amazing and afterwards we went on the Harbour Hopper, a vehicle that is able to drive on land and in the water. First  we did the tour on land and then got into the water. It was kinda terrifying but Halifax looks just awesome from the waterside. Apparently even a part of Titanic was filmed there, the part where the old Rose throw the sapphire into the water, so yeah quite interesting to know haha. Overall it was a fun and amazing day.    


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